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Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in stucco repair, especially for multi-family rental properties, large apartment communities, and condominiums. We complete exterior inspections and stucco repair for any size multi-family community, often for very large apartment and condominium communities that host 1,000+ rental units.

In the following article, we will briefly cover major issues that come up when dealing with stucco repairs, and suggest how you know that your stucco needs repair.

How Do You Know Your Stucco Needs Repair?

Stucco is a favored form of exterior wall-covering, both for its attractive qualities and its durability. It is long-lasting, adaptable, paintable, and can even add to the energy efficiency and noise-reduction inside a building.

Regular maintenance of stucco often means it can last for decades, meaning it is a good investment for both homeowners and rental unit owners. But, like any exterior covering that is subjected to the constant wear-and-tear of weather conditions -- in Texas, meaning both heat and heavy rain and winds -- stucco will, over time, begin to show signs of deterioration that can lead to structural damage to the building if not dealt with quickly and completely.

There are some common signs to look for that can show that your stucco may be nearing the end of its capacities to withstand weather.

Cracking in Stucco Often Leads to Larger Problems

Poor work during the initial installation of stucco can lead to cracking, which will require the stucco to be replaced or repaired. Moisture of any kind that seeps into the stucco can also cause cracking. Any size crack is a problem, since it allows more moisture, and even bugs, to enter into the exterior walls, and eventually, into the building itself. Cracks are usually a sure sign that stucco needs repair work.

Discolored or Peeling Can Reveal Moisture Issues

Often even before cracks appear that are tell-tale signs that your stucco needs immediate attention and repair work. Moisture that gets behind the external stucco is always a problem. It can cause discolorations even before cracking occurs. It can also cause paint to peel from the stucco itself, due to the paint being unable to continue its bond with the stucco material as moisture separates it. Any discoloration of peeling of the stucco in your condominium or apartment community should be reported to the maintenance staff, rental staff, or the HOA board. Early detection can allow simpler repairs before moisture spreads and creates bigger issues, such as mold, to take hold.

Stains can be a Sign of Weakening Materials

Stains of any kind to stucco should be noted and reported. Rain and intense wind can damage stucco structurally, and the damage can often be present before it becomes fully visible. Stains that appear to stucco are a sign that rain may have damaged the stucco itself (sometimes due to lack of gutters, which allows a more intense concentration of water to come into contact with the stucco itself). Periodically checking the stucco on your building for staining will allow many problems to be discovered early, meaning the repairs should be less extensive.

Subsidence or Heavy Vibrations can Damage Stucco

It’s usually a good idea to closely inspect your stucco as part of your regular maintenance checks to your properties, but especially so if there has been any form of heavy storm, earthquake activity, or even prolonged heavy construction in your area. Vibrations from heavy machinery can cause micro-cracking in stucco, which, over time and due to weather conditions, can grow into large cracks that allow moisture to invade the building. Hurricanes, high winds, and even intense thunderstorms can often cause the same micro-cracking issue, which means you should do a thorough inspection of your building’s exterior whenever these conditions arise.

What to Do if You Notice Stucco Damage

Exterior repairs should never be put off, due to their potential for increased damage from water and bugs that can invade a damaged building. At Ricochet Construction, we specialize in large scale repairs to apartment and condo communities in the Dallas metropolitan area. We are well-equipped and fully experienced in stucco repair, and can inspect your properties and advise you on exactly what repairs you need, and how long they should take. We have contracted with numerous owners and HOA’s on stucco repairs, and can supply a long list of satisfied customers to give references as to the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work. Contact us any time to find out more!

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