Ricochet Construction Does Multifamily and Apartment Liability Issue Repair in the Dallas Area

Liability issues are a constant concern in multifamily and apartment ownership and property management. An unmaintained property can open a building owner or ownership group to a range of liabilities that are both unnecessary and avoidable. Regular maintenance and inspection of properties goes a long way to avoiding the type of liability issues that can seriously damage a real estate business.

Ricochet Construction is highly experienced in all forms of high-quality apartment and multifamily liability repair, throughout the Dallas Metroplex. We have a long history of doing great liability repair and maintenance work in the Dallas metroplex area, and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow year after year.

In the following article, we will briefly cover some of the common liability issues that arise for apartment communities, and why we feel every apartment manager and owner only needs one number on their speed dial for liability repair and maintenance -- Ricochet Construction.

Liability Can Be Greatly Reduced By Contracting With a Company like Ricochet Construction

There are two general categories of liability issues for multifamily structures. Let’s take a moment to look at each of them with a little initial depth in order to explain the different issues owners, property mangages, and investors need to watch out for.

First, liability can arise in even very well-built buildings due to the general wear and tear that occurs in all structures over time. If not seen to in time, even once trustworthy and reliable buildings can turn into true liability risks. All building materials degrade due to weather conditions -- including summer heat, winter freezes, high winds, flood and even fire -- as well as infestations from a range of fungus and insects. Over time, these can become potentially hazardous without it being obvious to an untrained professional. These liabilities can range from load bearing issues -- the structure isn’t strong enough to handle weight loads anymore due to degradation -- general structural integrity, and the impeding of walkway and tripping hazards. General maintenance and inspection checks done on a regular basis, as well as surveys handed out to residents for any issues they see, can go a long way to helping you stay on top of all time-based degradation issues.

Second, liability issues can be present in the original building itself. There are sometimes issues with original building practices or designs that don’t present themselves immediately, or which are ignored as they can be considered safe, even if not ideal. It’s important to have a true professional inspect and sign off on all building practices and quality of work done. Clear inspection of original work will head off what can be much more expensive remediation work that might need to be done in order to rectify issues that were actually put in place at the time of the original constructions.

Does Ricochet Do All Forms of Liability Issue Repairs?

There’s nothing more frustrating for owners and property managers than to have to deal with multiple contractors across many different liability repair projects. It’s just a fact of business that every new contractor you hire is both potentially a great partner, and potentially an ongoing business problem. Every different vendor and business does things differently, and new relationships require new evaluation of their work, commitment, and trustworthiness.

Because multifamily liability repairs are so important, and diverse -- including stairways and balconies, to garages and parking lots, to accessibility, and even seismic retrofits and disaster repair after fire and floods -- it is easy to get overwhelmed as a property manager or owner. The convenience and trust built up when you deal with a single company like Ricochet can’t be over-valued, because it helps avoid delays, headaches, and, worst of all, unacceptable work. Ricochet is fully accountable for all the variety of liability repair work that it does, and we employ only high level craftspeople who have worked with us for years, meaning we know we can trust them to do the work both you and we demand.

Should You Hire Ricochet as Your Go-To Apartment Liability Issue Option?

Of course we are going to answer “yes” to that question, but we say this not just as an obvious response, we really believe we are the best answer to all your multifamily liability needs. We service numerous large apartment communities throughout the Dallas metroplex, and we are always expanding both our client list and our crew to handle all demand.

Ricochet is established, expert, trustworthy, and ready to jump in to take care of all your liability repair needs. We are proud of the work we do and the reputation we have established. Call and ask for our long list of satisfied customers and the portfolio-level work we have done. We are confident that you will be impressed by the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work.

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