Multifamily and Apartment Landing Replacement in the Dallas and Fortworth Area

Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in all forms of high-quality apartment and multifamily repair. We have a long history of doing great work in the Dallas metroplex area, and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow year after year. And this includes what often seems like the trickiest and most concerning work for many apartment and condominium residents -- evaluating the safety of, and doing repairs and replacements, for landings.

In the following article, we will briefly cover some of the issues that arise in landing repair and replacement. We will describe our services, and tell you why we feel every apartment manager and owner only needs one number on their speed dial for multifamily landing replacements -- and that is Ricochet Construction.

Ricochet Construction is a Specialist in Apartment Community Landing Replacement

Landings are very interesting and important structures for apartment communities. They are often a way for residents to get air, sun, and easy access to environments outside the often smallish unit in which they live. Landings are definitely selling points for property managers when showing units to prospective residents.

Landings are also a vital part of the aesthetics of an apartment community. They provide a visual break from the sameness of much of the construction, and are important for variety and decor of professional properties.

Having said all of that about their importance, landings can also be a source of anxiety for users if they are not well-kept, maintained, inspected, and replaced whenever questions to their structural soundness arise.

Having said all of that, there is no better evaluator of landing soundness in Dallas multifamily construction and repair than our main guy, Dustin Doan. Dustin has decades of experience in the construction business, at all levels, from really big projects -- such as rebuilding the landings for entire complexes -- down to the huge list of more dialed in repair needed for individual apartments and dwellings. When we say Dustin is the expert you want overseeing the work done on your landings, we really, really mean it.

How Do You Know if a Landing Needs to be Replaced or Repaired?

Probably the first and most obvious sign that a landing needs to be evaluated for soundness is creaking. When a landing creaks it often means that either the main materials, or the anchorings and supports, are under stress. They may have lost structural integrity over time, and should definitely be inspected for safety.

Another area that often reveals landing problems are located in the railings. Rust and general wear and tear on nuts and bolts, as well as metal fatigue, can make railings less sturdy than they need to be to ensure safe conditions during use.

Visual inspections of landings can also offer a lot of information about their soundness. There are often external supports, nuts, screws, bots, etc, and they can be inspected on a regular basis to check their integrity.

Perhaps the most common and difficult to diagnose problems with landings, however, are internal issues, such as water damage that can weaken wood, cause rot, or damage walls where the landing joins the building. It is very important to check all internal structures for soundness and integrity.

Landing replacements can be fairly big jobs, and it’s important to work with companies highly experienced in this work. The convenience and trust built up when you deal with a single company like Ricochet can’t be over-valued, because it helps avoid delays, headaches, and, worst of all, unacceptable work. Ricochet is fully accountable for all the variety of work it does, and we employ only high level craftspeople who have worked with us for years, meaning we know we can trust them to do the work both you and we demand.

Should You Hire Ricochet as Your Go-To Landing Replacement Company?

Of course we are going to answer “yes” to that question, but we say this not just as a cliche response, we really believe we are the best answer to all your balcony needs. We service numerous large apartment communities throughout the Dallas metroplex, and we are always expanding both our client list and our crew to handle all demand.

Ricochet is established, expert, trustworthy, and ready to jump in to take care of all your landing replacement needs. We are proud of the work we do and the reputation we have established. Call and ask for our long list of satisfied customers and the portfolio-level work we have done. We are confident that you will be impressed by the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work.

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