Ricochet Construction Does Capital Improvements on Multifamily and Apartment Communities in the Dallas Area

Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in all forms of high-quality apartment and multifamily renovation, which means we are more than ready to be the vendor of record on a long list of capital improvements and capital investments you may want to make in a property you own, or are considering buying or selling. Capital investments are one of the surest ways to increase profit when selling, and to increase resident signing and retention. We have a long history of doing great capital improvement work throughout the Dallas metroplex area, and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow year after year.

In the following article, we will briefly cover some of our history, our services, and why we feel every apartment manager and owner only needs one number on their speed dial for their capital improvement projects -- and that is Ricochet Construction.

What are Capital Improvements to Multifamily Properties?

Capital investments in apartment communities usually take two forms: (1) Capital investments designed to increase the market value of a property or properties, often to prepare for a sale; (2) Capital investment projects designed to extend the life and/or usefulness of any given property. Ricochet is firmly set up to offer services that accomplish both of these goals.

There are a wide variety of capital improvements that can be made in order to raise the market value of a property. Upgrades of all sorts -- from exterior remodeling, to up-to-the-minute repair work, to expansion of units -- all fall under the purview of capital investments, and Ricochet has done all of these types of projects across many years, and in many Dallas-area locations. If you want to guarantee excellent work that accomplishes your goal of increasing market value, Ricochet understands this kind of project, accomplishes it on time, and accomplishes it at a quality level that demonstrates the kind of property improvement you want when preparing your real estate holdings for sale.

The second form of capital investments -- extending the life of your property, and expanding its uses -- are also solidly in the Ricochet portfolio. We offer a complete full-service menu of repairs, renovations, upgrades, and remodels that can transform a multifamily property, as well as heading off real maintenance and repair trouble before it happens. We also offer full recovery services from flood and fire, which means you can always be sure to not only use your capital to extend the life of a property, but also to recover your property quickly when it does suffer inevitable weather and fire damages. We make sure you are always prepared to extend the life of your property, expand its uses, and recover quickly when available units are damaged.

Does Ricochet Do All Forms of Capital Investment Work?

There’s nothing more frustrating for owners and property managers than to have to deal with multiple contractors across many different construction and repair projects. It’s just a fact of business that every new contractor you hire is both a potential great partner, and a potential problem. Every different vendor and business does things differently, and new relationships require new evaluation of their work, commitment, and trustworthiness.

Because multifamily capital investment work is so diverse -- including everything from electrical work, balcony work, painting, plumbing, all the way down to blacktop work in parking lots and sidewalk repair -- it is easy to get overwhelmed with what should be done, and when. Ricochet can advise investors, owners, and property managers on the type of capital investment projects that make most sense, given your goals. And, as a one-stop, all-services construction service, the convenience and trust built up when you deal with a single company like Ricochet can’t be over-valued, because it helps avoid delays, headaches, and, worst of all, unacceptable work. Ricochet is fully accountable for all the variety of work it does, and we employ only high level craftspeople who have worked with us for years, meaning we know we can trust them to do the work both you and we demand.

Should You Hire Ricochet as Your Go-To Multifamily Capital Investment Company?

Of course we are going to answer “yes” to that question, but we say this not just as a cliche response, we really believe we are the best answer to all your capital investment project needs. We service numerous large apartment communities throughout the Dallas metroplex, and we are always expanding both our client list and our crew to handle all demand.

Ricochet is established, expert, trustworthy, and ready to jump in to take care of all your potential capital investment needs. We are proud of the work we do and the reputation we have established. Call and ask for our long list of satisfied customers and the portfolio-level work we have done. We are confident that you will be impressed by the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of all our work, across all the many types of projects we do.

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