Interior Painting Services for Apartments, HOA’s, and Commercial Properties in Dallas, TX

Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in construction and remodeling services for multi-family rental properties, large apartment communities, and condominiums. We work for any size multi-family community, often for very large apartment and HOA condominium communities that host 1,000+ rental units.

In the following article, we will briefly cover major issues that come up when dealing with interior painting services for apartments, HOA’s, and commercial properties in Dallas, TX.

Is It Time to Paint?

A change or refreshening of color is often the cheapest, fastest, and most satisfying way to have a major effect on a room, a building, or an entire rental community. While painting seems pretty straightforward — apply paint-covered brush and rollers to walls — there are actually an almost limitless number of choices and issues that arise when it comes to nearly all paint jobs.

The first issue, of course, is the decision on whether it is time to paint or not. Faded colors can actually devalue the aesthetic appeal of a property to the point where renting it can be difficult. And not changing the color of a space for a long period of time can be psychologically detrimental, even if you don’t often consciously notice your reactions to the color around.

A good rule of thumb about whether it’s time to paint is to ask yourself, “Do I even notice the color anymore? Does it give me pleasure to look at it?” If the answer to either of these questions is no, then it’s probably time to look at doing new interior paint.

Take the Time to Prep

It’s tempting in painting work to simply let the paint do the work — in other words, to paint over issues rather than resolving them before painting. Painting over stains, or water marks, or chipped paint can seem like a time saver, but you’re ultimately setting yourself up for problems down the road, when that underlying issue will work itself out on the new paint as well.

You really should take the time to scrape, sand, and to fill every crack, hole, or blemish before you begin to paint. It doesn’t matter what quality paint you choose, or how many coats you will use, an unprepared surface will cause problems you don’t need to deal with.

Add Your Chosen Color to Tint the Primer

Professional painters know great tricks that will add to the success of the job in many different ways. One of the most useful is to add some of the primary color to the primer, so that there is color addition rather than color differentiation in the final painting. While it may seem logical that the outer coat covers everything beneath it, we can perceive color in very subtle ways, and having a properly tinted primer brings out the power and luster of colors, and eliminates any competing color that may have existed underneath the new coat.

Tips and tricks like this are one of the primary reasons you want to hire true professionals, like Ricochet Construction, for interior painting. Shortcuts and speed-work won’t deliver the appearance gains and longevity you want from your new paint.

Have the Knowledge and Equipment to Do the Entire Job Right

Another reason to hire high-quality, professional companies for your interior painting is that they have all the necessary equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently. Ladders, drop cloths, extensions, and a full variety of brushes and rollers allows the job to be done quickly, and done right the first time. If you try to paint a large number of apartment units with inferior equipment, the quality of the job will continue to dwindle as the equipment breaks down. You also won’t have all the necessary equipment to handle the demands of different spaces — including high ceilings, odd angles, and difficult to reach areas.

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Both HOA and rental community owners often put off large painting jobs due to the expected cost, and time it takes to complete the work. At Ricochet we are well experienced in working within budgets, and hitting schedules to work for our customers. We specialize in large scale repairs to apartment and condo communities in the Dallas metropolitan area, and are well-equipped and fully experienced in interior painting. We can supply a long list of satisfied customers to give references as to the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work. Contact us any time to find out more!

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