Electrical Service and Installation for Apartment and Condominium Communities in Dallas, TX

Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in electrical service and installation, especially for multi-family rental properties, large apartment communities, and condominiums. We complete electrical work for any size multi-family community, often for very large apartment and condominium communities that host 1,000+ rental units.

In the following article, we will briefly cover major issues that come up when dealing with electrical repairs and original installation, and suggest how you know when you have electrical issues that need your attention.

How Do You Know Which Electrical Contractor to Hire?

Electrical work often intimidates those who don’t understand how it all works, and this can extend into you also being intimidated about choosing a contractor. After all, if you don’t know what quality electrical work looks like, how can you be confident that you know the difference between a good electrician and a poor one?

Luckily, all electricians need to be certified in order to do electrical work in the Dallas metropolitan area. They need minimum competencies in order to even apply for work. So nearly all electricians and electrical contractors will supply safe electrical work for your buildings.

Having said that, there are always quality differences in how work is done. You can use many of the normal ways you vet a contractor to decide which electrician to choose. Do they have good references? Do they have a list of satisfied customers, and can you contact those customers? Are the professional, on-time, and do they stay on schedule?

If not, don’t hesitate to stop a job and change contractors. You are always in charge of what work is done to your property, and you shouldn’t hesitate to take action to ensure that you get the absolute best work you can.

How Do You Know You Need Electrical Work?

Most electrical problems are noticed when something goes obviously wrong. Lights malfunction, plugs don’t work, breakers continually trip. These are all good signs to watch for as you do normal monitoring of your property.

It’s also, however, a good idea to get regular inspections done of your electrical system. Especially if you have a contractor such as Ricochet out on your property doing other forms of work, it’s a great opportunity to ask us to also do an inspection of your electrical to make sure there are no major unaddressed problems. We can also see if your system would benefit from servicing, or upgrading, during these kind of routine inspections.

Original Electrical Installation

Obviously, electrical work isn’t just about repair or maintenance. Whenever you do any form of new build you will need a contractor with a wide range of electrical experience to handle everything that’s necessary to keep your new property up to speed and wired for today modern electrical needs.

At Ricochet, we specialize in work on large communities, such as apartments, condos and neighborhood developments. At this scale, it’s essential to use a contractor who has large enough crews, and enough equipment, to do the job well, and at speed. Smaller companies can handle the basics of bigger electrical jobs, but for real efficiency, and cost savings, it’s preferable to use a company that does this kind of work on a regular basis, knows the issues that will come up, and is equipped to handle everything a big project will need for solid electrical installations that will last for years.

What to Do if You Need Electrical Work

Electrical repairs should never be put off, due to their potential as fire hazards, which can result in extreme issues for both homeowners and property owners. At Ricochet Construction, we know how to do electrical work quickly, safely, and at a solid price. We have done electrical servicing and installation on apartment and condo communities throughout the Dallas metropolitan area. We are well-equipped and fully experienced in electrical repair, and can inspect your properties and advise you on exactly what repairs you need, and how long they should take. We have contracted with numerous owners and HOA’s on electrical work, and can supply a long list of satisfied customers to give references as to the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work.

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