Ricochet Construction Does Multifamily and Apartment Patio Replacement in the Dallas Area

Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in all forms of high-quality apartment and multifamily renovation, including replacing worn out or out-of-date patios with new, highly attractive patios that add capital value to your property, as well as increasing your rental rates.

Ricochet has a long history of doing great work in the Dallas metroplex area, and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow year after year. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on all the best new ideas for commercial and residential work. When you hire Ricochet, you hire the best.

In the following article, we will briefly cover how we approach patio replacement work, and show you why we feel every apartment manager and owner only needs one number on their speed dial for multifamily renovation -- Ricochet Construction.

Ricochet Construction is a Patio and Exterior Work Specialist

While Ricochet is a full-service contractor for all multifamily work, we also have specialties that we do over and over, especially on large apartment communities. These include balcony repair and replacement, external carpentry, and deck and patio replacement.

We have decades of experience in the construction business, at all levels, from really big projects -- such as rebuilding the balconies for entire complexes -- down to the huge list of more dialed in renovation needed for individual apartments and dwellings. When we say we are the experts you want working on your most valuable properties, we really, really mean it.

What Work Goes into a Patio Replacement?

Patios and decks are one of the most crucial areas for large community business success, because they are the first, and most visible part of the unit that clients will be renting. When you show rental units, potential renters literally see the deck and/or patio as they walk up toward the unit -- it is the prime location to make an all-important first positive first impression with a potential resident.

The first concern -- as with all construction and remodeling -- is to make sure that patios and decks are safe. This means ensuring that the flooring is solid, and, if raised, it can more than support normal weight-bearing loads. But safety doesn’t just mean safe at the foundational level. Patio and deck safety includes even the tiniest details, from no splinters in untreated wood, no rot, no exposed screws or nails, no raised boards, no visual dangers or risks of any kind.

Finally, the aesthetic appeal of a patio or deck is absolutely essential to commercial properties. New concepts and features are always coming in construction, and Ricochet stays on top of all the newest ideas. This may mean designing for better seating, better views, a better air flow, or to make your patio extremely functional, with room for dining, exercise, or even meal prep. A patio is an extension of the unit itself, and therefore should be both pleasing to the eye and highly functional. Our approach is to make sure that it is both.

Because multifamily and apartment renovation and repair is so diverse -- including everything from electrical work, balcony work, painting, plumbing, all the way down to blacktop work in parking lots and sidewalk repair -- it is easy to get overwhelmed as a property manager or owner. The convenience and trust built up when you deal with a single company like Ricochet can’t be over-valued, because it helps avoid delays, headaches, and, worst of all, unacceptable work. Ricochet is fully accountable for all the variety of work it does, and we employ only high level craftspeople who have worked with us for years, meaning we know we can trust them to do the work both you and we demand.

Should You Hire Ricochet as Your Go-To Patio Replacement Company?

Of course we are going to answer “yes” to that question, but we say this not just as a cliche response, we really believe we are the best answer to all your renovation needs. We service numerous large apartment communities throughout the Dallas metroplex, and we are always expanding both our client list and our crew to handle all demand.

Ricochet is established, expert, trustworthy, and ready to jump in to take care of all your patio and deck upgrading or replacement needs. We are proud of the work we do and the reputation we have established. Call and ask for our long list of satisfied customers and the portfolio-level work we have done. We are confident that you will be impressed by the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work.

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