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Ricochet Construction is a Dallas-area leader in brick repair, especially for multi-family rental properties, large apartment communities, and condominiums. We complete exterior inspections and brick repair for any size multi-family community, often for very large apartment and condominium communities that host 1,000+ rental units.

In the following article, we will briefly cover major issues that come up when dealing with brick repairs, and suggest how you know that your brickwork needs repair.

How Do You Know Your Brickwork Needs Repair?

Brick is a favored form of exterior wall-covering, both for its attractive qualities and its durability. It is long-lasting, adaptable, and can even add to the energy efficiency and noise-reduction inside a building.

Regular maintenance of brick helps it last for decades, meaning it is a good investment for both homeowners and rental unit owners. But, like any exterior covering that is subjected to the constant wear-and-tear of weather conditions -- in Texas, meaning both heat and heavy rain and winds -- brick will, over time, begin to show signs of deterioration that can lead to structural damage to the building if not dealt with quickly and completely.

There are some common signs to look for that can show that your brick may be nearing the end of its capacities to withstand weather.

Common Signs of Brick in Need of Repair

Mortar deterioration is one of the most common signs of brick walls that need repair. Mortar can deteriorate over time due to moisture seepage, wind erosion, or paint and sealants that do not allow moisture to naturally escape from the mortar.

If the mortar has deteriorated to the point where it is visibly missing, or bricks begin to sag, it needs to be repaired or replaced. This is most commonly done through a process called repointing, where the old mortar is replaced with similar mortar that has the same hardness, color, composition, and look of your older mortar.

Brick deterioration is also a common issue for wall repair, especially in older buildings that have been tested by weather and shifting ground for decades. Cracks in your bricks can be signs that they have absorbed too much moisture, and then often expand during winter freezes. Cracking can also be caused by using mortar that is harder than the bricks themselves, thus preventing them from naturally expanding as they absorb moisture. And there is also the issue of long-term settling of the house over time, which can also lead to cracked bricks. It is important to have a professional inspect your brick damage to ascertain exactly what has caused the damage, and what repair system needs to be used in order to deal with the problem, and keep it from recurring.

Another issue you often see with brick is that your walls can become covered with a white powdery substance over time. This happens when salts inside the bricks are dissolved by moisture, and then move out to the surface of your bricks over time. Lime-based bricks do not have this issue, but it’s not at all uncommon for many forms of bricks. The salt residue can usually be scrubbed and washed away without any concern about the bricks themselves.

Should You High Pressure Wash Your Brick?

Although many people assume that high pressure washing is a way to bring life back to older building materials and clean years of weather effects, with brick this is generally not recommended. Brick can be damaged by high pressure washing, especially water pressure over 1000 pounds per square inch.

What to Do if You Notice Brick Damage

Exterior repairs should never be put off, due to their potential for increased damage from water and bugs that can invade a damaged building. At Ricochet Construction, we specialize in large scale repairs to apartment and condo communities in the Dallas metropolitan area. We are well-equipped and fully experienced in brick repair, and can inspect your properties and advise you on exactly what repairs you need, and how long they should take. We have contracted with numerous owners and HOA’s on brick repairs, and can supply a long list of satisfied customers to give references as to the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work. Contact us any time to find out more!

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