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Room with Many Roles

The kitchen is among the most utilized, high-traffic rooms in any house. Aside from time spent cooking, many kitchens contain eating areas regularly used for informal dining. Fusing these functions creates an ideal space for the homeowner. Undertaking a kitchen remodel is a big step, but the rewards are innumerable and can last a lifetime. Kitchens are often considered the base of operations for entertaining, in conjunction with the room's accommodations for food preparation. Since the room usually serves more than one purpose, it is wise to consult a contractor before starting any kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodeling contractor in Dallas, TX with experience and a specialty in kitchen design should be able to integrate the necessary parts of a kitchen's multiple responsibilities while integrating aesthetic features for the homeowner to enjoy. In addition to being one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, kitchens also have the burden of rising and falling temperatures and moisture levels. Contractors can provide insight into materials that withstand varying conditions and regular use.

Kitchen Cabinets

Storage is one of the key elements in a successful kitchen remodel. The amount of cookware, cutlery and small appliances in the average kitchen creates a lot of problems related to functional design and ease of access. Kitchen cabinets will usually represent a big chunk of a kitchen remodel budget when the cabinetry is custom or constructed of high-quality materials. Cabinetry constructed with inexpensive composites and hardware has proven to fail when used regularly over an extended period of time. It is a good idea to buy cabinets of solid wood or artificial wood construction from front to back as opposed to cheap cabinet faces on top of composite. Inexpensive cabinet faces secured to the particle board of a cabinet door's interior will often peel away from the door as changes in humidity render the adhesives ineffective. Painted wood or wood substitute will withstand a greater deal of abuse and provides a look that adds character to the space.

Kitchen Appliances

In the age of environmental sensitivity and green design, the major home appliance industry has pushed a number of energy-efficient products onto the market. Contractors will generally make recommendations for appliances to match a kitchen remodel design, and products rated with the Energy Star designation can save utility costs. Stainless steel appliances have been a trend in the kitchen redesign market for some time, though many consumers are switching to artificial stainless appliances. Artificial stainless steel surfaces have the appearance of stainless without the tedious maintenance. Stainless steel surfaces are magnets for fingerprints and smudging, much of which can break up the uniformity of an otherwise clean space.

Kitchen Flooring

Laminate flooring was an innovation that took precedence in many kitchens over the last few decades. More recently, homeowners have desired stone, tile or natural representations of either over the plastic laminate. Solid tiled surfaces will not peel away from the floorboard the way a laminate floor tends to do over extended periods of regular use. Additionally, laminate flooring can yellow or stain. Natural and manufactured stone or tile surfaces resist staining and dinginess at a greater rate than their laminate counterparts. The evolution of kitchen design and product development has generated a wide variety of flooring options using separate tiled pieces. Hiring a contractor for a kitchen remodel should afford the homeowner access to the most recent designs and materials on the market.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is an important part of the room's effectiveness as a functional space. Logically, lighting in a kitchen should be focused on areas important to the preparation of food, cleaning and entertaining. Track lighting is a common solution to kitchen lighting problems, though these styles of lights can leave corners shadowed and unlit. Hanging pendant lights and flush or recessed ceiling lights are effective in pinpointing problem areas in the kitchen that lack sufficient lighting to serve their purpose. Islands are common for extra counter space and should be considered when lighting schemes are set up in a kitchen remodel. Additionally, any adjoining dining or work area should be tied into the kitchen lighting or lit with a different set of products to create two separate, distinct spaces. Different forms of light can change the appearance or color of many surfaces. Consulting a contractor about effects of lighting on exposed surfaces can prevent disappointing results for the homeowner.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen counters will withstand as much or more abuse than any other part of the room. Counter tops are an important functional piece to a kitchen remodel, as well as cosmetically vital to the rooms interior design appeal. One critical aspect of the labor involved with a kitchen remodel is the cutting and application of a countertop on its base of cabinetry. Improperly fitting countertop units create a number of problems that can be expensive to fix without the assistance of a professional and their tools. Countertops are available in a number of materials, each possessing distinct benefits and negative characteristics. The countertop should be decided upon with considerations to durability, maintenance and budget for a remodel to avoid second thoughts down the road. I may be advantageous to stretch the budget for countertops to get a high-grade product due to the amount of use and exposure the counters get. There has been a surge in the popularity of granite and concrete countertops due to their appearance and low-maintenance reputation, though many artificial surfaces are created with technology for a long life of regular use.

Kitchen Remodel Overview

Establishing a good working relationship with the contractor overseeing a kitchen remodel is good for the homeowner and the end result. Open lines of communication tend to temper disagreements and confusion over design before the problems grow large or irreversible. There is no consideration greater than that of the uses a kitchen will serve throughout its existence within a home. Purchasing the most expensive materials and appliances is of little value when the kitchen is not designed for ease of access and convenience for food preparation. Promoting ability to complete the tasks undertaken within a kitchen is as important to the function of the space as the construction of the counters and cabinets.

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