HOA Repairs in the Dallas-Area, by Ricochet Construction

Ricochet Construction is experienced, equipped, and ready to handle any repair work needed by HOA’s (Homeowner Associations) in the Dallas metropolitan area. We work for HOA’s that need to make repairs to all sizes of condominium, apartment, and home communities. We complete the repairs fully, professionally, and in a timely manner to ensure the properties stay safe, up to code, and retain their full value.

Regular repairs and maintenance to HOA communities are a familiar and necessary part of Texas home ownership. This is especially true during the summer, when homes are highly stressed by summer sun and heat.

HOA boards and management need to keep on top of maintenance in order to avoid code violations, potential fines, legal action, and the general headaches that occur when structures are not up to code on what are often simple repairs, when done on a regular schedule.

Let’s walk though just a few of the most common types of HOA repair work that we offer across the Dallas area, and why each is absolutely essential in order to maintain property values, insure resident safety, and avoid liability issues that can arise if you do not consistently maintain your property.

HOA Roof Repairs

Just like an individual homeowner, HOA’s carry insurance to cover roof issues on common structures. Repair to roofs may include those that stem from leaking issues, to normal wear and tear, or even storm damage. Ricochet can assist in the regular inspection of roofing issues, as well as undertaking quick repairs to keep damage from going to a largely external issue -- primarily shingles -- to internal issues, including rafter damage, ceiling damage, and damage to occupant property.

HOA Repairs to Wood and Wooden Structures

Wood is easily stressed by sun and heat, and is one of the main areas that needs to be inspected and maintained on all HOA structures. Early detection of problems can reduce the cost of the repairs that are needed, and even reduce the extent of work that needs to be done. Regular inspection of wooden structures -- including railings, decks, and door frames -- goes a long way to reducing costs of big repairs.

Sufficient HOA Exterior Lighting

Adequate lighting of HOA properties is a great investment to protect the Homeowner’s Association from liability and fulfill the HOA’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its members. Ricochet can assess the amount of lighting currently installed, and recommend additional lighting to lower the chance of accidents and possible legal action. Increased and well-maintained exterior lighting is an easy, cost-effective way to stay up to code and to ensure member safety in highly-traveled areas.

HOA Tripping Hazards Removal and Repair

Landscaping can easily become dislodged and damaged during storms, and even slight damage can make walkways become tripping hazards. Erosion and normal wear-and-tear can change a landscape from an easily traversed area to a pathway that is likely to result in member injury. Ricochet can often find potential issues before they become hazards.

Repairing Balconies and Railings for HOA Properties

Ricochet specializes in high-volume, large community balcony repairs and replacements. We have the resources to do large scale balcony work across an entire HOA community. This includes railings, concrete, support structures, and all other forms of balcony repair that may be required in order to maintain safety and code-adherence.

Concrete for HOA Condominiums and Apartments

Concrete is often one of the materials that is susceptible to water damage. Seepage into the concrete rust the steel rebar inside the concrete. HOA concrete damage to HOA structures include balconies, parking garages, and elevated decks. We are concrete-repair experts at Ricochet, and can advise, estimate, and undertake any concrete repair an HOA-board may need.

Board Members may Contact Ricochet Construction for HOA Repair Work in the Dallas Area

Ricochet is highly experienced in HOA work across the Dallas metropolitan area. We have contracted with numerous Homeowner Associations on a wide variety of necessary repairs and maintenance, and can supply a long list of satisfied customers to give references as to the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of our work. We pride ourselves on how well we work with large HOA communities on all their repair needs. Contact us now time to find out more!

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