DFW’s Premier Fire & Flood Reconstruction Experts

With over twenty years in business, and hundreds of fire and flood reconstruction projects under our tool belts, Ricochet knows how to recover your commercial properties from ALL types of damage.

We handle EVERY aspect of fire and floods, including helping you know exactly how to deal with insurance companies, and ensuring that there are no hidden problems that will pop up later.

When Ricochet recovers your damaged property, you can trust that it’s done right.

Our founder, Dustin Doan, is involved in every aspect of every job. We don’t just contract out our work, we do our work. And we guarantee everything we do.

When should you reach out to Ricochet?

You can call us anytime -- as the ashes still smolder, the water is still receding, or even before an emergency happens -- and start the process of becoming a Ricochet fire and flood customer.

We will assess the damage to your structure, discuss exactly what needs to be done, and give you a solid price based on our years of experience.

Call Ricochet today. We’ll make sure you’re prepared and repaired.

Ricochet knows fire & flood recovery.

Call Ricochet today. We’ll make sure you’re prepared and repaired.

We assist immediately, no matter where you are in the recovery process.
Call 214.707.7500

We Help Every Step of the Way

Immediately blocking off areas and preparing fire and flood buildings for the long process of recovery, call us immediately, we can help guide you through the entire process.  We will work with insurance adjusters, permitting, and other areas to ease the impact on your business.
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