Electrical Breaker Panel Replacement and Repair in Dallas, TX

There are many things in your house that need constant updating and maintenance, including air conditioner filters, external light bulbs, and general landscaping upkeep. But there are also parts of every home that last for long periods of time, and generally are out-of-sight, out-of-mind for most homeowners, apartment community owners, and HOA associations.

These include hot water heaters, plumbing lines, and, of course electrical wiring and electrical breaker panels. Breaker panels can last upwards of twenty years, which means that their technology tends to go out of date, and you miss out on upgrades which can have a big upside for your home’s safety and your bills. You can also end up out of code or with significant fire hazards if your electrical system isn’t regularly inspected and updated when necessary.

Ricochet Construction is highly experienced at all forms of electrical repair and replacement, and is up-to-date on all new technology and breaker panel technologies. Listed below are the main reasons you will want to check to make sure your breaker panel is up to date and in good working order at all times.

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

Breaker panels are built to trip circuit as a safety precaution. If your circuits trip regularly, it may be a sign that your older breaker panel cannot handle the load of modern appliances that require more amps, including air conditioners, HDTV’s, and washers and dryers. Having a home breaker panel that is rated for at least 200 amps has become standard in the past few years, especially so if you are using multiple appliances simultaneously.  In the Dallas area, where air conditioners must be run 24/7 during the hot summer months, circuits for homes with insufficient amps trip constantly, creating both annoyance potential fire hazard risks.

Ricochet is a premiere repair and replacement vendor for breaker panels in the Dallas- metropolitan areas, and we can inspect your breaker panel to see what amps it can handle, and advise on whether you need an upgrade.

Improperly Grounded Service Panels

All electrical service panels and wires must be grounded in order to insure safety during an overload. These can be grounded into the earth (where the electrical overload will be discharged into the ground), into a grounding plate (for areas where the earth is too rocky or otherwise can’t be accessed), or into a cold-water pipe that runs from the house deep into the surrounding earth. Grounding should be inspected from time to time to insure it is still in place, and up to code.

Flickering Lights

If your lights consistently dim when using appliances, including hair dryers, microwaves, blenders, or heavier appliances, just as washing machines and dryers, this might be an indicator that your breaker panel is overloading, and needs updating. Any homeowner, HOA, or apartment community manager experiencing flickering lights should call Ricochet to have their breaker panel inspected for wiring issues or code violations.

Electrical Panel Feels Warm

If your breaker panel feels warm to the touch, this is a clear sign that the panel is overloaded, out of date, or defective. Replacing or repairing an electrical panel that consistently overheats is absolutely necessary in order to avoid fire hazards and code violations.

Your Listed Amps are Below Modern Standards

Service panels should list their maximum voltage, power and current dissipation capacity somewhere on the inside door of the panel. Most service panels are either 100, 150, or 200 amps. Modern homes require much more power than in the past, and as such typically operate best at 200 amps. If your service panel is below 200 amps, you should consider replacing it.

How do You Replace a Service Panel?

Most homeowners will want to contract with a certified electrician in order to replace and update their service panel. DIY projects for electrical are usually not recommended. At Ricochet, we have replaced and repaired hundreds of breaker panels in the Dallas area, and our electricians are completely trained, certified, and experienced in all forms of electrical work to keep your home, condominium, or apartment community safe.

We can also advise you on the upgrades you want to consider for your home, as well as ensuring you are up to code on all electrical wiring, panels, and grounding. Don’t delay electrical repairs. Call Ricochet today!

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